The Wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples - 65 Quotes that you cannot stop reading

The Wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples - 65 Quotes that you cannot stop reading

065. “… To dance is to pray, to pray is to heal, to heal is to give, to give is to live, to live, is to dance…”.

064. “… May the stars take your sadness away. / May the flowers fill your heart with beauty. / May hope always dry your tears. / And, above all, that silence makes you strong… ”. Chief dan george

063. “… In the Circle, we are all the same. / There is no one in front of you and there is no one behind you. / Nobody is above you. No one is beneath you. / The Circle is Sacred because it is designed to create Unity… ”. Lakota Wisdom

062. “… He who believes believes; / He who creates does; / He who makes transforms himself and the society in which he lives… ”. Mayan proverb

061. “… We are all flowers in the garden of the Great Spirit. / We share a common root, and the root is Mother Earth. / The garden is beautiful, because it has different colors in it, / and the colors represent the different traditions and cultures… ”. Grandfather David Monongye, of the Hopi people.

060. “… Our way of life is not hard as stone. / It is like the penetrating sight in a glass that penetrates. / So are our brothers and so are our children. / The stability of a pitchfork does not last. / But the goodness and warmth of the sun does last, / because we have its crystal in our being… ”. Desana mythology

059. “… Certain things can catch your eye. / But follow only those who can capture your heart… ”. Sioux Proverb

058. “… With this sacred pipe you will walk on earth; because the earth is your Grandmother and Mother, and it is sacred. Every step that is taken on Her should be like a prayer. The bowl of this pipe is made of red stone; it is the Earth… The barrel of the pipe is made of wood, and it represents everything that grows on Earth… all things in the universe are united to you who smoke the pipe; all send their voice to Wakán Tanka, the Great Mystery. When you pray with this pipe, you pray for everything and with everything… ”. Black Elk, Sioux Oglala

057. “… Many of the white man's ways are beyond our comprehension. Behind anything, there is always a role. Whites must think that paper has a mysterious power to help them in the world. The Indian does not need the writings, the words sink deep into his heart, where they remain. He never forgets them. On the other hand, if the white man loses his papers, he is helpless. I heard one of your preachers say that no white man was admitted to heaven, unless there were written about him in a great book!… ”. Four Guns - Oglala Sioux

056. “… Every step you take should be a prayer. And if every step you take is a prayer, then you will always walk in a sacred way… ”. Oglala Sioux Holy Man

055. “… Once in Victoria, I saw a very large house. They told me it was a bank and that white men put their money there to be cared for, and that they got it back with interest. We are Indians and we do not have such a bank; But when we have a lot of blankets, we give them to bosses and people, and little by little they give them back to us with interests, humility, a smile and a song to Mother Earth, that is what interests are and our heart feels good , because as children we were taught the joy of giving what we most wanted without expecting anything in return. Our way of giving is our bank… ”. Chief Machinist

054. “… The Native American was a religious man from the womb of his mother. The religion of the American Indians is the last thing that the man of another race will understand. There were no temples or shrines among us except those of nature .

Nature was our link with the Great Spirit, through which the mystery of silence, the sacred ... was manifested. Charles Eastman, Ohiyesa - Dakota Sioux Santee

053. "... A finger cannot lift a stone ...". Hopi proverb

052. “… The Native American has been generally despised by his white conquerors for his poverty and simplicity.

They forget, perhaps, that their religion denied the accumulation of wealth and the enjoyment of luxury.

A religion born of silence that gave the understanding of humility. In addition, it was the rule of his life, to share the fruits of his ability and success, with his less fortunate brothers.

Thus he kept his spirit free from the obstruction of pride, greed or envy, and carried out, as he believed, the decree of divine matter, deeply important to him… ”.

051. "... You already have everything you need to become great ...". Proverb Crow

050. “… Changes in the laws of man, with his understanding of man. Only the laws of the Spirit remain the same… ”. Proverb Crow

049. "... The only things that need the protection of men, are the things of men, not the things of the spirit ...". Proverb Crow

048. "... We will be known forever by the footprints we leave ...". Dakota Proverb

047. "... There is no death, only a change of worlds ...". Chief Seattle - Duwamish

046. "... The rain falls on the just and the unjust ...". Hopi proverb

045. "... All dreams are threads that come out of the same Network ...". Hopi proverb

044. "... He who tells the stories rules the world ...". Hopi proverb

043. "... The Truth does not happen, only It ...". Hopi proverb

042. "... The supreme law of the Earth, is the law of the Great Spirit, not the law of man ...". Hopi proverb

041. "..." ... No answer is also an answer ... ". Hopi proverb

040. "... A brave man dies only once, a coward many ...". Iowa Proverb

039. "... The greatest strength is temperance ...". Kiowa proverb

038. “… Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is from the past, wisdom from the present… ”. Lumbee Proverb

037. "... Pray to understand what man has forgotten ...". Lumbee Proverb

036. "... The soul would not have a rainbow, if the eyes did not have tears ...". Minquass proverb

035. “… A good boss gives, he doesn't take…”. Mohawk proverb

034. “… You cannot wake up a person pretending to be asleep…”. Navajo proverb

033. “… I have been to the confines of the earth, / I have been to the confines of the waters, / I have been to the confines of the heavens, / I have been to the confines of the mountains, / I have not found any, who don't be my friend… ”. Navajo proverb

032. “… Thoughts are like arrows: Once released, they hit their target. Keep them well, or one day you can be your own victim… ”. Navajo proverb

031. “… Judge not with your eyes, but with your heart…”. Cheyenne Proverb

030. "... The first and last teacher is our own heart ...". Cheyenne proverb

029. "... Take only what you need and leave the land as you found it ...". Arapaho Proverb

028. “… When we show our respect for other living beings, they respond with respect towards us…”. Arapaho Proverb

027. "... Ask questions from your heart, and they will be answered from the heart ...". Omaha Proverb

026. "... When a fox walks lame, the old rabbit jumps ...". Oklahoma Proverb

025. “… The man who keeps his being always calm and imperturbable despite the storms of existence (without not a leaf, as it were, shaking on the tree; not a ripple on the surface of the luminous pool) , that man, in the opinion of the illiterate sage, has the ideal attitude and conduct in life.

If you ask him what silence is, he will answer: “It is the Great Mystery! The sacred silence is his voice! ”. If you ask him what the fruits of silence are, he will tell you: “Self-control, true courage or endurance, patience, dignity, and reverence. Silence is the cornerstone of character… ”. Charles Eastman, Ohiyesa - Dakota Sioux Santee, 1902.

024. "... Guard your tongue in youth," said old Chief Wabashaw, "and in old age you may mature a thought that will be of use to your people." Charles Eastman, Ohiyesa - Dakota Sioux Santee, 1902.

023. “… Why do you take from us by force what you can achieve with love? Why do you destroy us who provide you with food? What can you achieve with war? We are unarmed and ready to give you what you ask if you come as friends ...

I am not so simple as not to know that it is better to eat good meat, sleep comfortably, live quietly with my wives and my children, laugh and enjoy with the English and be their friend, trade with them for copper and axes, than to escape from them ...

Put down the shotguns and swords, the cause of all our envy, or you can die in the same way… ”. Wahunsonacock - Powathan Confederacy, 1609.

022. “… You say that you have been sent to teach us to worship the Great Spirit according to his will and that if we do not accept your religion that you white people teach, we will be unhappy later. You say that you are right and that we are wrong. How do we know that this is true? We know that your religion is written in a book. If it had been intended for us as it was for you, why hasn't the Great Spirit given it to us?

Brother, you say there is only one way to worship and serve the Great Spirit. If there is only one religion, why do you disagree so much? If you can all read the book, why don't you all agree?

We don't understand these things brother. We too have a religion that our ancestors received and that we, their children, have inherited. We worship that way. It teaches us to be grateful for all the favors received; to love each other and to be united. We never quarrel over religion… ”. Red coat to a Christian missionary, Seneca, 1805.

021. “… We believe that the spirit pervades all creation and that all creatures possess a soul to some degree, although not necessarily a self-conscious soul. The tree, the waterfall, the gray bear, each one of them is an incarnate Force and, as such, an object of reverence… ”. Charles Eastman, Ohiyesa - Dakota Sioux Santee, 1902.

020. "... The more you know, the greater your confidence and the lower your fear ...". Prayer Medewiwin, Ojibway

019. "... To touch the earth, you have to have harmony with nature ...". Sioux Oglala Proverb

018. “… Talk to your children while they are eating; what you say will stand even after they are gone… ”. Nez Perce Proverb

017. “… Go ahead boldly: When in doubt, stand still, don't move, and wait. When doubt no longer exists for you, then go ahead boldly. As long as the fogs around you are gone, then keep going. Continue until the Light of the Sun penetrates through the mists and dispels them. As he surely will, since his stillness has made it possible, he will then act with courage… ”. White Eagle - Ponca

016. “… Clinging: / Clinging to what is good, / Even if it is a handful of dirt. / Hold on to what you believe in, / Even if it is a tree that stands on its own. / Hang on to what you have to do, / Even if it's a long way from here. / Hold on to life, / Even if it's easier to let go. / Hold on to my hand, / Even if someday I have to go away from you… ”. Prayer Indians Pueblo

015. “… And while I was there, I saw more than I can say, and I understood more than I saw; because I was seeing in a sacred way, the forms of all things in the spirit, and the form of all forms, since they must live together as one being… ”. Black Elk - Sioux Oglala

014. “… They come on the path of the song, / Without leaving traces there, / On the Rainbow Bridge / On the mountain step. / They come on the path of song, / Gods of the Navajo, / Out of Heaven and Earth / And the five worlds below… ”. Navajo Poem

013. “… We return thanks to our Mother, Earth, who sustains us.

We return thanks to the Rivers and Streams, which provide us with water.

We return thanks to all the Herbs, which provide medicines for the cure of our diseases.

We return thanks to the Moon and the Stars, who gave us their light when the sun had gone.

We return thanks to the Sun, which observes the earth with a beneficent look.

Finally, we give thanks to the Great Spirit, in whom all good things are embodied, and who directs all things for the good of his children… ”. Iroquois Prayer

012. “… As silently as the little rabbit's feet, the Glory of the morning Sun comes to greet you. The Red Man adores him in his own way.

For this, ask the Spirit every day; Before judging my friend, let me wear his loafers for two weeks, and share the path I was going to take with them; then, I will understand him and I will not condemn him ”. Lakota prayer

011. "... We are a child turning through Mother Sky ...". Shawnee proverb

010. “… Each person is their own judge…”. Shawnee proverb

009. "... Show respect for all men, but not crawl before any ...". Shawnee Proverb

008. "... We are made of Mother Earth and we return to Mother Earth ...". Shenandoah Proverb

007. “… I don't think the measure of a civilization is measured by the height of its concrete buildings. But rather, because of how people have learned to relate to their environment and their peers… ”. Gheezis Mokwa, Sun Bear / Solar Bear - Chippewa

006. “… Everything on Earth has its purpose, every disease has its herb that cures it, and each person has his mission. This is the Indian theory of existence… ”. Humishuma, Morning Pigeon - Salish

005. "... Like the grass, that shows its tender faces to each other, so we must do, that was the wish of the Grandparents of the World ...". Black Elk - Oglala

004. - Oh, Great Spirit! "... Help me always to speak the truth in stillness, to listen with an open mind when others speak, and to remember the peace that is found in silence ...". Cherokee Prayer

003. “… The track of the sun / across the luminous sky / leaves its bright message, / illuminating, / strengthening, / warming the Earth, / to those of us who are here, / it shows us that we are not alone, / that we are still alive ! / And this fire …… / Our fire… .. / It will not die… ”. Path to the Sun - Choctaw Poem

002. “… You are part of me now / Now that you have touched me, / with your goodness and love / I am delighted. / Your soft lips are kind. / Your eyes light up with life. / I'm glad you touched me, / You are part of me now… ”. You Are Part of Me - Cherokee Poem

001. “… May the warm wind from the sky / Blow gently on your house. / May the Great Spirit bless all who enter it. / May your Moccasins make happy roads in many snows. / And may the Rainbow always touch your shoulder… ”. Cherokee Prayer

- Omar Paladini


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